Stone Deaf is a Heavy Rock band from Colorado featuring members Dust Chapin (Guitar, Lead Vocals), Cody Isaman (Bass, Vocals), Scott Anderson (Guitar, Keys) and Jarron French (Drums). Formed in late 2014 and recently signed to Black Bow Records (Jon Davis / Conan), the band's approach to music is a timeless fusion of melody and driving rhythms blending the rock vibes of The Hellacopters and Thin Lizzy with the sludgy thickness of Kyuss and Corrosion Of Conformity. Changing gears between chugging riffs, bluesy rock and laid back moments of heaviness topped with distant, last man standing vocals, Stone Deaf provides a soundtrack to your drive into oblivion, ancient aliens poking through the lonely a.m. waves, the light of the radio your only company in the vastness. A sonic palette to accompany the hope of lights in the distance under a dome of desert stars. Leave your watch behind, forget about time and soak in the sounds of the middle of nowhere.

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